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Mario/Humberto Sanchez. Director
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Asunción Paraguay.
            Welcome to our web page.                                Here is the history of our accomplishments .
Coach Luciano visiting the Paraguay National Soccer Coaches. 

      We promote the sports of Soccer and Futbol de Salon 
      We supervise competitions at local and national level.
      We resolve questions and controversies
      We manage the State and National Futbol de Salon Championships.                     We manage and support our National teams for international competitions . 

                                INTERNATIONAL TEAM TOUR. 
National Futsal Team
              ASUNCIÓN PARAGUAY 
United States of America Futbol de Salon Federation
DIRECTOR OF TAMPA SOCCER AND  FUTBOL DE SALON ACADEMY and Technical Director of US National team and youth development .

Coach: Soccer and Futbol de salon.
My dedication to Futsal is all due to the passion that I carry inside. For more than fifty years I have dedicated my time and indeed my life, to spreading and teaching this sport wherever I may be. I have worked on this endeavor in the United States, for more than 30 years. I will keep running behind the ball until God tells me it is enough; it is time to hang up that sweaty shirt. I am sure that before going on to the beyond, I will see my Futbol de Salon  performed in the World Olympic games.